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  • Do I have to be an experienced shooter to attend Bullets & Bagels?
    No, we have beginners to advanced shooters.
  • If I have never handled a firearm, can I attend a Bullets & Bagels event?
    Yes, our wonderful instructors will provide a safety brief, guidance and support so you may experience the joy of shooting sports. As a first time shooter, attending a Bullets & Bagels event allows one a "taste" or "sample trial" of a shooting experience. It is by no means a full Basic nor Beginner class.
  • What goes on at a Bullets & Bagels event?
    Indoor range events include a continental breakfast — with an assortment of bagels of course — social/networking time, guest speaker/presentations covering interesting topics, generally but not exclusively related to shooting sports followed by supervised range time. All events include “on demand” shooting assistance with our team of volunteer firearm instructors, introduction to collectible firearms along with plenty of experienced attendees and staff willing to assist with mechanical or technical issues. We want the Bullets & Bagels experience to be one with the least intimidation and most assistance as possible for all attendees. Events should be as safe as can be, yet instructional and fun too.
  • What ranges do you host events?
    FT3 Tactical Range, Stanton is our “home base.” We also host events at LAX Firing Range, Inglewood. In addition to FT3 Tactical and LAX for events, we use Prado Family Shooting Range, Corona, Burro Canyon Shooting Park, San Bernardino and Evan's Gun World, Orange for various classes.
  • Is Bullets & Bagels a political or religious organization?
    No. We are “apolitical" and ask our members to refrain from political discussion during events. We believe in political inclusivity, not exclusivity. Members represent the gamut of political affiliations from Progressive Left to Conservative Right. We respect all perspectives, but we understandably expect all our members to be 2nd Amendment supporters, American exceptionalism believers and Pro-Israel. Nor is Bullets & Bagels a religion-based organization. Although we have a "Jew-ish sensibility", we proud to have members of many faiths including Jewish, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Christian and Muslim.
  • Does an attendee need to have their own firearm to attend events?
    No. Rental firearms are free and available to Bullets & Bagels event attendees. However you are required to purchase ammunition at the range for use in their rental firearms.
  • Can I bring my own personal firearms?
    Yes, as long as the firearms and accompanying ammunition are acceptable to the range staff.
  • Can a non-member attend events and/or classes?
    No. Everyone must be a member to attend events or classes. We require all attendees to be a member of the club, even children -- ages 13 and older -- who accompany their parents. We do not offer family memberships, only individual memberships are available. Membership is only $10.00/month -- with automatic renewal -- and may be canceled after one month. Members may self-cancel or email the B&B Staff for assistance.
  • What is the cost of membership?
  • What is the minimum period of membership?
    One (1) month. Membership maybe canceled after one (1) month.
  • How can I cancel my membership?
    You may self-cancel your membership once you log into your online account, or simply email the club to request cancellation of membership.
  • What is the minimum age for attendees?
    13 years of age. They must be in the company of a parent, and they must be a member too.
  • What is the approximate percentage of women members?
  • How many certified instructors volunteer for Bullets & Bagels?
    14 Most are Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) certified too.
  • How many club officers?
  • What classes do you offer?
    Basic, beginner, intermediate pistol and advanced, defensive holster class taught by a 20 year SEAL Team veteran.
  • Do I have to be a member of Bullets & Bagels to attend classes?
    Yes, we require all attendees of classes to be members of Bullets & Bagels. Once again, all events and classes require membership in Bullets & Bagels Our insurance requires it.
  • Do I have to be Jewish to be a member?
    No, absolutely not. 30-40% of our members are not Jewish. Bullets & Bagels proudly has members of all faiths. • We are Jew-ish.
  • Is the food Kosher?
    The food is kosher-style, not Glatt Kosher
  • Is Bullets & Bagels inclusive?
    Yes, absolutely. We have members of all faiths, gender identity, orientation and race. It is our desire that everyone in attendance has an educational, fun, safe and social shooting experience together.
  • Is Bullets & Bagels an NRA member organization in good standing?
  • Do you offer a family membership option?
    Unfortunately no we do not offer family memberships, only individual. We require all attendees to be a member of the club, even children - over the age of 13 -- who accompany their parents. Membership is only $10.00 month-- with automatic renewal -- and may be canceled after one (1) month.
  • Is Bullets & Bagels a charity?
    No, Bullets & Bagels is a registered 501(c)7 social non-profit organization.
  • How often are club events?
    We host monthly club shooting events, almost exclusively on Sundays. Occasionally we host more than one event in a month. Shooting events start early, at approximately 7:30 am depending on venue, and end at 10:30 am. Additional social and Zoom events are scheduled on an ad hoc basis, including special guest speakers, presentations and evening get-togethers. We host sporadic classes -- basic, beginner and intermediate/advanced shooter -- throughout the year. All events and classes are published on the club website.

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