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What We're All About (Continued)

Why shoot with Bullets & Bagels?

1. Shoot alongside a friendly, supportive group of shooters of varying skill levels and firearms knowledge. It‘s easy to find help, suggestions, or interaction with others of similar experience, from beginners to experts.


2. Have access to “on-call” assistance from our staff of volunteer NRA-certified instructors, most of whom are also certified as Range Safety Officers (RSOs).


3. Exclusive use of indoor bays during club events at these venues.


4. Special guest speakers at events.


5. Special “member-only” deals from manufacturers.

6. Special non-shooting, social events and presentations.

7. Exclusive SEAL Team instructor (ret) lead defensive shooting classes




Monthly recurring membership is only $10.00 per month. Sign up today! 


Membership Privileges:

- Register for any event or class

- NRA liability insurance

- NRA certified instructors

- Shoot historical (curio) firearms

- Beverages and snacks

8. We are a “Jew-ish” oriented club and are open to all. As an organization, discussion of politics at events is discouraged with the exception of the Second Amendment. Emphasis is placed on the positive aspects of the shooting experience, including practicing one's shooting skills, sharing one's experience with other shooting enthusiasts, and learning from others.   

9. We offer classes too, including Basic, Beginner and Intermediate handgun training by our remarkably experienced, competent and friendly, certified firearms instructors.

10. Events include the use of handgun/pistol, shotgun and approved rifles.

Sunday morning, half-day indoor events are held at various ranges in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The club secures exclusive use of the range or of an entire bay prior to public access. Continental breakfast is served with a selection of delicious bagels, schmears and hot coffee. This is followed by a guest speaker.  There is plenty of time to network and socialize with our friendly members.


The shooting experience is enhanced by our staff of “on-call” instructors who are available to assist with brief requests to troubleshoot technical issues, such as a feeding jam, operation of a firearm, and useful tips to improve accuracy, etc  It's a great way to hone your shooting skills, socialize, and network. We pride ourselves by being the ultimate social "Safe Space" for those who enjoy the shooting sports. Come join our crowd.   


See you on the range!


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NOTE: Events and Classes are "Club Members Only"

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