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Intermediate Class at WECG Event

As part of our outdoor event at the West End Gun Club we will be offering an intermediate class for those interested at no additional charge. Assistant Chief Instructor Robbie Tarnove will be teaching two popular training drills that will allow students to increase their speed, accuracy and ability to move shot placement from target to target. Bring your handgun, two magazines (or speed loader for revolvers) and about 100 rounds of ammunition.

Schindler Listed: A Talk with Dr. Mark Biederman

Bullets & Bagels Officer Dr. Mark Biederman will be discussing his newly published book — Schindlers Listed — about his father the third name on Schindlers list and his mother — the personal cook for the “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele.

Mark will talk about his 20 year quest to find the gold coins buried by his father’s family on their last night at home prior to deportation to the death camps

He will be signing copies of his book too.
Don’t miss it.